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 Your soundfont for games with MIDI support and music composing ;)

This Soundfont supports Pc dos / windows games, console rips and real music composing. Try it out !!

It's an open source project and will be improved over 20 years !!


Giant Soundfont v6.6 released !


Hallo an alle die das Giant Soundfont kennen ;)

Hier gibt es die neusten Bänke. Viel Spass




Hello to all who know the Giant SoundFont ;)

Here are the latest banks. Have fun



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Giant Soundfont V6.6 released !! (15.10.2023 16:32:29)

enjoy it !! the latest update is now online. My work will continue ;) (mehr lesen...)

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Mirrors for the next release (01.10.2023 17:26:18)

Hello. For the next release V6.6 another Mirror will be linked for downloading. Google drive will support the 2nd download Mirror.

So we got the Mega.nz and the Google drive. (mehr lesen...)

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Giant Soundfont V6.6 news !! (08.07.2023 15:00:38)

Hello. Im still working on V6.6. The release will be nearly completed this year. Some test are needed for Piano for example or new melodic presets. Release could be summer or end of the year. It depends how the test are ongoing. Demos for V6.6 will follow. greetings. (mehr lesen...)

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Giant Soundfont V6.5 is out now !! (26.12.2022 17:10:47)

Here it is !! Have fun with the latest update. Next update will follow in the next year. =) Merry x-mas to all and a happy new year =). (mehr lesen...)

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Giant Soundfont V6.5 WIP news !! (24.11.2022 22:35:45)

Hello guys. Today i want to talk about the ongoing release for V6.5. It's looking good for a release in december 2022. Some tests are needed for this many changes this time. The first thing that is now much better is the rock section with new overdriven. some snares has been added or changed. the pianos have more realistic sound. there are still some weak points like the violin section ( hard for me to programming the real playback sound). V6.5 is not the last update don't worry. To be continued ;)

Thanks for all guys who supports me and i hope u will enjoy it if it's done =) greetings (mehr lesen...)

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support is now back !! (16.05.2022 00:06:06)

There is now a menu for report issues or improvement infos. Use the menu "@support"   (mehr lesen...)

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Giant Soundfont V6.4 is out now !! (28.04.2022 16:17:33)

Today it goes online =). I hope you enjoy it !! The work is not done and there is more stuff to do. This is a first impression for many changes and i know it's not perfect. I'm still working on it and i hope to bring next year a new release. 

MIDI Demos will follow!! regards ;).


Heute geht's online =). Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß damit. Die Arbeit ist noch nicht getan und es ist noch viel zu tun. Dies ist ein erster Eindruck für viele änderungen und ich weis es ist nich perfekt. Ich arbeite immer noch dran und ich hoffe nächstes Jahr ein neues Release zu veröffentlichen. MIDI Demos werden folgen !! Grüße ;) (mehr lesen...)

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Final Fantasy VII Steam Version v1.0 Music Patch released !! (13.03.2018 02:14:39)

Hello guys!  The project Giant Soundfont on FFVII Steam Version has started. Square Enix fixed the Game for W7,8,10 but the music sounds ugly without XG70 synth or Giant Soundfont so i started to fix all Files and recorded it with better Samples. This will take a bit more time as i thought. All ogg Files must redited for loop effects. I will update the status by time. This .ogg Patch will contain better recorded Music for FF7 HQ.



Hi Leute ! Das Projekt Giant Soundfont für die Final Fantasy VII Version für Steam hat begonnen. Square Enix hat das Spiel für neuere Windows Versionen verbessert. Leider bliebt die Musik auf der Strecke und klingt absolut grausig. Also habe ich begonnen die Musik Dateien zu bearbeiten und neu aufzunehmen. Dies wird leider etwas mehr Zeit in Anspruch nehmen als ich gedacht habe. Alle .ogg Dateien müssen für Loop effekte editiert werden. Ich werde hin und wieder den Bearbeitungsstatus aktualisieren. Dieser .ogg Patch wird verbesserte Musik für FF7 beinhalten auf HQ Niveau.

100% fertig

Mirror1:https://mega.nz/#!d8AUVCCL!nM0LW4m7gxa2etrpLGkfAMfKG-8n5r7qZbRabUMhy4o (mehr lesen...)

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Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !! (18.09.2016 14:58:03)

Out now !! Drumkit links are fixed. Other will follow. Have FUN !! Let me know if U need offline stuff. I will Upload it again ;)

Greetings your SF programmer ;)


Jetzt draussen !! Drumkits Links wurden gefixt. Andere werden folgen. Lasst es mich wissen wenn ihr Sachen braucht die gerade offline sind.

Ich werde diese wieder Uploaden.

Grüße von eurem SF Progammierer ;)

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Mirrors update !! (18.05.2014 03:38:00)

-Drumkit and files are again online ( tinyupload.com)

-Rapidshare is closing the free user Account on 1. Juli 2014

-New hoster  ( if it works is Share online )



-Links im Download Bereich sind wieder online

-Rapidshare schliesst seine kostenlosen Accounts zum 1.Juli 2014

-Neuer Hoster (share online wenns klappt)


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