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Here the latest SFBanks:

Hier die aktuellsten Soundfont Bänke:

Bank 1,2,3,4 v6.2 Mirror 1*

Drumkit GM/GS/XG V3.7/V1.8 Mirror 1 

Beta Package WIP Low Pass Resonance Melodic Patch + XG Drumkit: Download


VirtualMIDISynth v2.11.0 ( Software Midi Synth Mapper ) : Download

Visual C++ 2010 x86 : Download





XG MIDI Song Package from the Yamaha XG 70 soft synth: Download



Nord Lead for Techno and Trance addon 081 Download


sfpack is needed  for uncompressing files from mirrors  marked with " * "

sfpack  Download


Final Fantasy 7 v2.0 optimized midi pack (included "still more fighting" xg midi and more / Final Fantasy v2.0 MIDI Package für bessere Musik (enthält Bosskampf XG MIDI usw. )

-Extract the rar archive / Entpacke die Datei

-copy it to /data/midi Folder and overwrite it with "yes" / kopiere die Dateien in das Verzeichnis /data/midi und überschreibe sie mit "JA"



One winged Angel Chor.sf2 bank  v1.1  Download (only for Winamp or media Player not pc game)

Final Fantrasy 8 addon.sf2 banks < included voices for: Parade 1+2, Majo (edea theme), Mods ( chocobo ride ) Download (only for playback with winamp or media players)



Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.