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 Your soundfont for games with MIDI support and music composing ;)

This Soundfont supports Pc dos / windows games, console rips and real music composing. Try it out !!

It's an open source project and will be improved over 20 years !!


Giant Soundfont v6.6 released !


Hallo an alle die das Giant Soundfont kennen ;)

Hier gibt es die neusten Bänke. Viel Spass




Hello to all who know the Giant SoundFont ;)

Here are the latest banks. Have fun



Giant Soundfont V6.5 WIP news !! (24.11.2022 22:35:45)

Hello guys. Today i want to talk about the ongoing release for V6.5. It's looking good for a release in december 2022. Some tests are needed for this many changes this time. The first thing that is now much better is the rock section with new overdriven. some snares has been added or changed. the pianos have more realistic sound. there are still some weak points like the violin section ( hard for me to programming the real playback sound). V6.5 is not the last update don't worry. To be continued ;)

Thanks for all guys who supports me and i hope u will enjoy it if it's done =) greetings

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Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.