!! ( Your soundfont for games with MIDI support ;) / Euer Soundfont für eure PC games mit MIDI Synthese )!!


Giant Soundfont v6.0 released !


Hallo an alle die das Giant Soundfont kennen ;)

Hier gibt es die neusten Bänke. Viel Spass




Hello to all who know the Giant SoundFont ;)

Here are the latest banks. Have fun



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Working status / Status v5.8 (28.09.2013 23:35:00)

Hi. This version takes a little more time, I will improve this time more in this version. They will be published later this year.


Hi. Diese Version nimmt etwas mehr Zeit in Anspruch, da ich dieses mal mehr in dieser Version verbessern will. Sie soll noch dieses Jahr veröffentlicht werden. (mehr lesen...)

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Giant Soundfont v5.7 released !! (10.03.2013 23:24:00)

Änderungen usw. unter Readme.txt


Changes and more  under "Readme"


Mac:  v5.7 online !

other OS: v5.7 online !

drumkits : XG v1.3 and GS/GM v3.1 (online) (mehr lesen...)

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New stable BASSMIDI driver v3.21 released !! (09.02.2013 15:18:00)

  * updated BASSMIDI (32-bit only, though)
  * added a dumb driver configuration mode for Windows 8 and newer
  winmm driver
  * added configurable buffer length for DirectSound output
  winmm driver
  * changed to use 16 bit for XAudio2 on Windows XP
  * changed XAudio2 buffer range to a maximum of 64
  * changed settings loader to provide some sensible defaults on load failure
  winmm driver
  * added configurable buffer length for XAudio2 output
  winmm driver
  * restored original sound buffer sizes
  * increased maximum polyphony to 256 voices
  winmm driver
  * replaced output device volume control with simple software scaling
  * now writes the uninstaller to the correct location
  * implemented independent soundfont configuration for each port
  winmm driver
  * hopefully fixed event buffering
  winmm driver
  * increased directsound latency
  * removed 64-bit configuration tool and unified driver name across platforms
  * installs 64-bit driver and configuration tool on 64-bit systems
  config tool
  * always reads and writes settings from 32-bit keys
  winmm driver
  * always reads settings from the 32-bit registry keys
  winmm driver
  * 64-bit support, volume control, and general restructuring by [JAZ]
  winmm driver
  * fixed volume control
  winmm driver
  * implemented dual port support
  winmm driver
  * fixed some bank control change issues
  winmm driver
  * reduced latency after accidentally increasing it to double
  * removed floating point support enable from directsound initialization
  * updated bassmidi
  winmm driver
  * fixed xaudio2 crashing on deletion on windows xp and older systems
  winmm driver
  * imported sound code from VST MIDI driver to fix issues on Xonar cards with GX mode activated
  soundfont packer
  * added more Musepack presets
  * added threaded SoundFont packing
  * added support for sf2pack files(soundfonts with lossy/lossless compressed samples)
  * added sinc interpolation
  * fixed volume setting
  winmm driver
  * added driver callbacks
  * added event syncs on soundfont load, fixes delay at start
  * no longer tied to GUIDs
  * added dynamic BASS/BASSMIDI loading, uses GetModuleFilename for path
  * worked around PopCap game bugs
  * now uninstalls previous content if installed
  * does better checks on host registry keys
  * auto close check dialog if no driver loading apps running
* driver:
  - rewrote core driver to interface with DirectMusic
  - fixed latency on driver initialization
  - fixed bugs with various programs eg. vanbasco
  - fixed a GS rhythm channel allocation bug
* driver:
  - updated bassmidi to
  - now can change synth volume
  - rewritten to use WTL (tabs, etc)
  - added new advanced options tab to use new driver features
1.00-1.05: changes to installer and configuration to improve user experience
1.00: initial version

  (mehr lesen...)

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FF7 v1.1 choir patch update !! (28.08.2011 01:42:00)

Now this patch included a drumkit 048 ( 000 controller like XG midifile ) Now you can add it for pc game if you fighting with sephiroth ;) Have fun !! No more drumkit change needed in winamp playback !!

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voices for FF7 and FF8 (08.10.2010 18:09:00)

In the download area you will find the 2 files for extra voices ;)

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